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The etymology of the word "art" is "skill as a result of learning or practice", and it is the techniques that we aim to bring together. Three major contents in the store are each developed by members who are active in their specific fields, such as beauticians, photographers, graphic designers, writers, and models, fully utilizing their experience and skills. With the concept of "enjoying change," we wish to provide a place that creates a variety of possibilities in your life, being free from the boundaries.


11:00-19:00 on Mon, Fri, Sat / 1st & 3rd Wed





Leap Day (February 29), which occurs only once every four years, is an essential day for the calendar year to function. In a similar manner, people's lives are supported by trivial events and encounters. The concept of “229” is to provide a place for people to spend their time, dissolving into their daily lives. A gallery, beauty salon, cafe & bar, books, clothing & accessory store, and beauty salon are featured all under one roof. Our goal is to create a rhythm that blends with life and does not end with temporary consumption. We all look forward to your visit.


HAIR SALON  |  SHOP  |  11:00-20:00 (closed / Tue)

CAFE & BAR  |  BOOKS  |  12:00-20:00 (closed / Tue)

GARELLY  |  12:00-20:00 (closed / Tue)


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